Selecting or Developing Signature Leadership Development Programs that Drive Excellence in Management.

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A common starting point for leadership development implementation is a “signature” program that will serve as the base learning event that all top leaders are required to attend. Such a program can range from a one week in-person offsite event to a multi-week series of online courses or even a multi-semester program at a university. Some of these involve the use of assessments for a highly personalized learning experience. Many are publicly available and involve learning with leaders from other companies and industries. Some offer certificate programs, while others offer a customized, in-house approach for learning with peer leaders. 

looks_oneClarify program development goals

Leveraging the competency gap analysis helps identify the leadership capabilities that need to be addressed in the curriculum. Learning programs generally include topics related to strategy, operational excellence, financial savviness, interpersonal skills, leadership, and industry-specific trends and topics. However, because the audience is senior executives, there can be an expectation for coverage of broad general management topics. 


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