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Candidate Experience

The overall impression and feelings a job applicant has about an organization throughout their entire recruitment journey.
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Contingent Workforce Management

A process for managing non-permanent employees, including freelancers, consultants, and temporary workers.
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Employee Referral Program

A recruitment strategy used to encourage current employees to refer qualified candidates for job openings.
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HR Strategy

A forward-looking, comprehensive plan that aligns an organization's HR activities and initiatives with its broader business objectives.
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People Operations

A modern approach to HR that prioritizes employee-centric practices to drive culture, engagement, and business outcomes.
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Reskilling (and Upskilling)

The training of employees to take on entirely new roles in response to shifts in the industry, technology, or market demands.
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Strategic HR Management

A multidimensional approach to optimize an organization’s workforce in support and alignment with its business objectives.
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Talent Management Strategy

A systematic diagnostic and planning process to ensure alignment between business strategy and talent objectives.
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Talent Marketplace

A technology platform that connects workers with job and learning opportunities internally within organizations.
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Talent Strategy

An analysis of the talent needs supporting business goals and the framing of acquisition or development plans to close gaps.
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Workforce Analytics

The strategic practice of combining detailed HR data with business performance metrics, utilizing advanced statistical analyses.
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