Leveraging Formal Assessments to Reliably Identify Development Goals.

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Formal assessments bring heightened objectivity to leadership development efforts, reducing bias from purely opinion- and observation-based assessments of strengths, fit and competencies. They are typically used to identify gaps in leadership capabilities, with personalized learning and development plans identified for each leader. 

looks_oneReview available categories of assessments 

Numerous types of leadership development assessments exist in the marketplace, with many offering several scales measuring multiple aspects of an individual. Leading companies tend to use multiple assessments to provide a view of an individual from different perspectives. Generally, assessments fall into these categories:

  • Leadership or work style 
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Decision making
  • Competency assessment
  • Personality
  • Potential and readiness
  • Fit (leadership role and culture)
  • Team alignment


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