Developing Leaders Across Multiple Levels of Management.

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Advanced leadership development is designed to not only develop current executives, but "leaders" in all levels of the organization. While development programs and offerings will differ by level, it is essential to start building future executives earlier in their careers as supervisors or managers so that their ability to lead increasingly large, multi-leveled, geographically dispersed, and functionally complex organizations develop gradually and effectively over time. This also involves identifying individuals with the potential to progress through multiple levels of management and leadership as high potentials (HIPOs).

looks_oneAdapt the competency model to include multiple management levels

When planning for the development of supervisors and managers, it is important to acknowledge that a percentage of the incumbents in those roles will ascend to higher levels of management based on their skills, capability growth, and realized potential. As such, the competencies identified for top leaders should "flow down" to middle- and lower-level leaders to ensure that they both act in a leadership style consistent with the defined "brand" and that their development prepares them for progressively higher-level jobs.   


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