Defining and Developing a Leadership Culture that Drives and Supports High Performance.

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A leadership culture describes how an organization operates and succeeds through its leadership. It provides a clear vision that teaches leaders at all levels how to conduct themselves in the execution of strategies, operational decision-making, and people management. It is defined not only by a vision statement, but with reinforcing policies, processes, and practices that create a framework or boundaries for executive and managerial behavior. The Center for Creative Leadership defines it as "the way interact, make decisions, and influence others" and delineates the difference between dependent leadership (people in authority are responsible), independent (leadership requires input shared from individuals with expertise), and interdependent (leadership as a collaborative activity) 

looks_oneDefine how leaders will ideally work together 

A group exercise for top leaders is a good way to describe how top leaders will, in general:

  • Make decisions on strategies and tactics (who is involved, or direction)
  • Integrate functional requirements and solutions (whose considerations are included and given the most weight or alignment)
  • Dedicate their loyalties (individual vs. functional vs geographic vs. the whole or commitment).

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