Measuring the Development Process and Outcomes for Impact and Accountability.

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Given the extensive (career-long) timeframe and multiple activities involved over a period of years for leadership development, measurement of outcomes and impact is often neglected. While feedback on formal, instructor-led programs (course evaluations) is common, the generation and tracking of other metrics are often lacking. However, the investment in training and development programs for executives is typically an expensive proposition, and management or supervisory training costs range from time away from the job to the classroom, travel, and vendor costs for the many leaders in need of development. Therefore, measuring the process and outcomes becomes a vital element of the evaluation of the quality, value, and expense of leadership development. 

looks_oneDesign a structured record-keeping process for measuring efficiency

Initiating a measurement strategy starts with the creation of standardized base metrics that enable the tracking of participation efficiency and satisfaction (the former to track efficiencies, the latter to track participant feedback on the quality of the learning experience). 


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