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" As a tech startup, it felt like the HR responsibilities we faced were insurmountable. Wowledge has allowed us to accelerate our HR programs saving us a significant amount of time and money. "


" I've been so impressed with Wowledge! Honestly, I've gained more from using this product in just a few short months than I ever did from my SHRM membership. Thanks so much for creating such a helpful and effective resource! "


" I’ve had exposure to many resources during my career but nothing with tried-and-true practices so thorough and detailed as Wowledge. There is nothing like it and incredibly relevant for rising as well as experienced HR practitioners. "


" Wowledge places an emphasis on simplicity and effectiveness. The frameworks are well-structured, allowing me to quickly apply them to my clients' HR challenges. "


" When HR is done well, all processes interact in ways that maximize their impact. That's what Wowledge has neatly been able to accomplish with easy-to-follow best practices that highlight how all fits together! "


" High-growth organizations require practices that are innovative and lean at the same time. Wowledge’s approach helps choose an adequate Minimal Viable Product for today and set a path for the future. "


" I’m thrilled that there is one place to get comprehensive and accurate information about how to lead your most important assets: human beings. "


" Wowledge makes access to great HR content and thought leaders affordable, simple, practical, and user-friendly. It’s a one-stop shop for HR best practices, next-level ideas, and totally sensible frameworks and tools. "


" We grow so much from communities and shared knowledge - Wowledge offers just that for the HR/People community! "


" Wowledge packages the tools needed to easily discuss, roll out, and communicate people programs effectively. "


" Wowledge is valuable to all small and midsize businesses. It’s filled with useful knowledge and incredible resources. "



Lizabeth Murphy  

Chief Operating Officer at Solospace

Patricia Wortham  

CHRO at GridStor & Founding Member at CHIEF

Tatia Troy  

Chief People Officer at Mercy BioAnalytics

Ryan Isherwood

Managing Director at Alvarez & Marsal

Ranada Samuel  

HR Business Partner at R. Harrison Enterprise

Pierre-Henri Blancher

VP, Talent Development at Jellysmack

Lois Frankel

NYT and WSJ bestselling author and coaching pioneer

Ian Ziskin

President at EXec EXcel Group

Karen Worthy

Head of People at NuBrakes

Mark Coscarello

People & Culture Executive, Formerly at Booster



Pam Erhardt

Managing Partner at Corporate Coaching International

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