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Experiment with new approaches to enhance HR capabilities and the employee experience to allow the organization to transform, stay relevant, and grow.

Core HR Metrics and Reporting Practices to Establish a Robust HR Decision Support Capability.

HR Metrics and Reporting is the structured measurement and presentation of employee and HR processes data with quantitative insights to drive decision-making... more »

Advanced HR Metrics and Reporting Practices to Increase the Consistency and Quality of HR and Functional Leaders' Decision Making.

Broaden the spectrum of data used to provide more robust insights that drive enhanced decision-making by HR and functional leaders while addressing unique needs... more »

Emerging HR Metrics and Reporting Practices to Drive Situation Assessment and Actionable Insights for Managers and Leaders.

The creation of standardized metrics and reporting directly supports the establishment of a "data culture", where data-centric decision-making becomes the standard... more »

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