Establishing Effective Governance and Business Alignment with Learning Councils.

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How it works

Learning Councils actively and formally engage functional leaders and managers in the alignment of L&D and business objectives by reviewing strategies, identifying learning program needs, monitoring progress and results, and guiding future learning investments and activities. Such councils take pressure off L&D leadership by becoming partners in strategy, approving investment decisions, helping drive compliance and acceptance of policies and practices, and overseeing execution to ensure alignment with business imperatives. 

looks_oneIdentify key management across the business to build a Learning Council

The L&D function can work with top functional executives to identify key stakeholders/end users for learning. Oftentimes, leaders from Manufacturing, Operations, IT, Sales, Customer Support, and Finance are the heaviest users of training in the company and as the providers of people-based HR and Talent strategies, HR and L&D should always have a top representative on such a council.


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