Tailoring Learning Offerings to Critical Workforce Segments for Increased Impact on the Highest Value Roles.

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Critical Workforce Segmentation  is the process by which the roles that have a disproportionate impact on the strategic goals of the organization are identified. In the context of L&D, such roles’ learning and development requirements take priority over other roles. The key is to understand current shortcomings and future or evolving knowledge, skill, and ability (KSA) requirements on an ongoing basis so that sufficient time is allowed to develop new (or update existing) programs that meet their needs quickly.  

looks_oneReview workforce segmentation analysis and identify critical and key job families/roles (e.g., product managers, functional executives, engineers, scientists)

Foremost is reviewing an existing segmentation analysis, or if one has not been conducted, collect recommendations from top leaders.  When no analysis has been completed:


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