Measuring Process and Success Outcomes for both Career and Business Impacts.

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While career development involves a long lead time with job changes coming every one to three years at minimum, measurement is an essential element of assessing the return-on-investment (ROI) of career pathing, skills and competency measurement and tracking, and software systems purchases. These measures also serve as possible indicators of organizational issues such as proneness for turnover or managerial weaknesses and can serve as additional insights when augmenting those pulled from employee engagement surveys  regarding growth and career opportunities.

looks_oneMeasure process efficiencies

As the most basic element of measurement, efficiency metrics support the tracking of activities that enable quality career development and mobility processes and programs. These metrics tend to measure compliance along with policy or practice requirements, such as the use of Individual Development Plans (IDPs) , and serve as good base indicators of a culture of both development and mobility.


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