Defining Leadership Competencies that Provide Consistent Benchmarks.

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The initial step is to define what will ultimately be the target for leaders' development. Competencies are clusters of job skills and behaviors that contribute to job success. In the context of leadership development, competencies are commonly used as benchmarks for both superior performance and assessments for the development needs of current executives. 

looks_oneClarify what type of leader will succeed in the company’s culture

Conducting interviews with the CEO, President, C-suite/functional leaders, and if possible, members of the Board of Directors helps to confirm attributes of the desired organizational culture and ascertain the differentiating capabilities of top performers in each executive role. Special attention should be paid to current or previous incumbents in each role who:

  • consistently achieved or exceeded assigned business goals and objectives
  • conducted themselves in a noteworthy or admirable manner 
  • maintained a strategic or big-picture mindset throughout their tenure
  • acted collaboratively with other executives
  • took coaching and guidance well and applied it going forward
  • communicated effectively
  • generated trust and/or admiration from their peers and subordinates

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