Defining an Impactful Vision of the Leadership Strategy and Brand.

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A leadership strategy is a plan for how leaders will be used to drive company objectives and goals. It is essentially a vision that defines the leaders, describes their traits, how they should act and treat others, and what they should focus on. It provides context for leadership development, bridging corporate strategy with leadership programming while describing what capabilities will be developed by the programming itself. A leadership "brand" is simply what leaders at the company are known (or aspire to be known) for. 

looks_oneDefine a leadership vision

A good place to start is by describing the ideal leader in the company - from the perspectives of strategic thinking, operational excellence, people or project leadership, leading under pressure, interpersonal and relationship skills, and personal comportment, etc. Envisioning how those play out in the executive, management, and supervisory ranks can then help identify those traits that transcend a leader’s level. This defines what all current and future leaders should aspire to. 


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