Developing Internal Coaching and Mentoring Capabilities through Structured Learning and Development.

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When beginning to develop an internal coaching and mentoring capability, it is best to start by training a cadre of coaches and mentors using reputable vendors whose content and trainers are well-established and experienced. Trained employees can be leveraged early on to coach or mentor mid-to-senior leaders, high potentials, and key individual contributors. In that way, momentum is built towards coaching and mentoring becoming accepted and eventually, sought-out development vehicles.

An important distinction between training for coaches and mentors is that with the well-codified and widely accepted professional standards for coaching, training is primarily a combination of live learning and practice sessions, sometimes blended with self-paced learning, whereas mentoring training is often made available using a self-paced or eLearning model. In either case, careful review and selection of content and delivery partners is essential to the long-term success, acceptance, and viability of the programs.

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