Engaging External Executive Coaches and Internal Mentors to Build Leadership Capability.

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When creating a coaching and mentoring capability focused on leaders, best practices suggest starting with the use of experienced external coaches to focus the initial applications of this development practice on the development of top leadership. Such a strategy can produce a group of executives who not only benefit from the performance and present improvements that are expected outcomes of such an effort but can also speak to future coachees and mentees about the positive and transformative aspects of their participation. It also creates a class of executives who can subsequently role model the behaviors while providing improved coaching and mentoring to their direct reports.

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The first step is to identify potential vendors who can provide the appropriate services to a company's top current and future leaders in a manner that supports both the purpose and designed outcomes. What is found in the marketplace are thousands of practitioners who provide coaching services - a combination of trained and certified coaches alongside mental health professionals, retired executives, wellness professionals, learning or organizational development professionals, and others with years of experience working with individuals on their paths to improved outcomes in their lives.  It might be necessary to wade through dozens of providers (companies and individuals) in a geographic area or industry. 


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