Managing talent

Performance Management

Aligning, coaching, measuring, and developing individual performance and capabilities with the strategic objectives of the broader organization.

Core Performance Management Practices to Set Expectations and Provide Effective Feedback.

Performance Management engages employees and their managers in the process of reviewing the extent to which individual work and development goals are met... more »

Advanced Performance Management Practices that are Strategy Driven and People-centered.

Performance Management as both a strategy and a process deliberately designed to drive employee work efforts and behaviors in synch with the priorities of the business... more »

Emerging Performance Management Practices to Recognize Performance based on the Totality of Contributions.

Emerging performance management refines how performance is measured, most notably “for who”, “by whom”, and “for what”... more »

Succession Management

Identifying, developing, and managing a pool of future leaders and critical role contributors that drives readiness for filling key positions as they are vacated over time.

Core Succession Management Practices to Develop Replacement Options for Top Executive Positions.

Succession Management is a strategy and process for identifying, developing, and managing replacements for future leaders and critical role contributors... more »

Advanced Succession Management Practices that Create a Structured Approach to Identifying and Developing Future Leaders.

Advanced Succession Management moves successor and high potential identification beyond a single leader’s opinion and introduces multiple objective criteria... more »

Emerging Succession Management Practices that Increase Fairness and Broaden Succession Pools In a Measurable Way.

Progressive organizations leverage AI technology for succession management, conduct group talent reviews, use scenario planning, and generate advanced impact metrics... more »

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