The Recruitment Forecast Tool: Capture and Obtain Approval of Hiring Plans for Functions, Business Units, or the Full Organization.

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The template allows the quantification of required hires for a specific deployment year to respond to strategies, staffing needs, turnover, and other factors. It serves for capturing, obtaining necessary approvals, and communicating the hiring plan to enable the recruiting team(s) to prepare, plan, and conduct their activities throughout the year. The document also serves to provide key inputs to for the types of strategies and sources that could be used to target prospective candidates.

How to use this tool

The process is initiated by defining the scope and applicability of the forecast with leadership. This includes determining if the forecast will be created for a function, business unit, the full organization, or any other group, as well as defining the positions that need to be added. Once the scope is clarified, input should be gathered from reviewing strategic objectives, turnover rates, other metrics, and recruiting needs with functional leaders/managers. Distinctions should be made between the number of hires needed from position replacements due to expected turnover and those from new creation due to growth requirements.


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