Integrating Applicant Tracking Systems to Manage the End-to-End Recruiting Process.

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Applicant tracking systems (ATS) help streamline and manage all phases of the recruiting process from candidate sourcing to hire. They offer many advantages to the organization not only in terms of gained efficiencies but are also a relevant component of the candidate experience .

looks_oneUnderstand key needs and requirements

There is a wide range of providers in the market and selecting the right one in alignment with the company’s current and future needs demands careful consideration. Defining the most important features for the organization requires gathering information from three perspectives:

  1. Reviewing the current recruiting process both from an analytical (metrics) point of view as well as qualitative to identify what areas or steps can be improved using an ATS.

  2. Seeking inputs from key stakeholders involved in the recruiting process, including company leadership, hiring managers, recruiters, and even candidates to highlight improvement opportunities and aspirations.

  3. Researching ATS providers to understand common features and best practices.


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