Developing Success Profiles to Build a Foundation for Career Mobility.

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Identifying success requirements for all positions is an essential foundation to build a career development process. The requirements are integrated into profiles that communicate what is needed to succeed in each job and what skills and experiences are needed and preferred. These success profiles serve as guidance to not only current employees but can also be leveraged in recruiting to provide future job seekers with visibility into key skills and capabilities to develop before applying.

looks_oneIdentify key knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences from existing documentation

When reviewing existing job descriptions or recent job postings it is important to look for key functional, technical, and managerial skills and experiences listed for successful fulfillment of job responsibilities. These become the basis for the success profile and are an excellent source for rapid creation of the profile. The profile calls out competencies  that have been identified in addition to any special (typically “preferred”) job requirements that define critical roles and experiences. These are most commonly the requirements that are perceived to differentiate great future performers from good ones, which can be recorded on the Success Profile form.


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