The Success Profile Tool: Specify the Background, Skills, and Capabilities Expected from Individuals in Key Roles.

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A template resembling a job description further detailed with the competencies and useful experiences that separate minimum job requirements from the attributes and experiences of an individual who is viewed as highly likely to be highly successful in the role. It is the definition of the ideal candidate for succession into a designated role. The profile describes the basic requirements (from the job description) and then the most desired attributes and experiences that shape an excellent candidate for placement into the role. It establishes a set of standards against which candidates are to be evaluated and also as a guide to the development of individuals who are future candidates for the role.

How to use this tool

Reviewing the position’s job description helps identify the key knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies to enter into the form. Depending on the circumstances, Initial profile requirements for each role are presented to either top performers and their managers (usually for career development) or to functional leaders and experts (in the case of succession management) to ask for 1) validation of the draft requirements, 2) any additional capabilities that the top performers in that role have and or demonstrate, and 3) experiences that differentiated those high performers from other individuals in the same role. 


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