Defining a Set of Metrics to Measure Delivered Value and Success in the New Role.

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Executives have many expectations to fill while in role, but undoubtedly one of the most important is to deliver value and results towards their pre-determined goals. Sometimes these goals have clearly defined metrics in place, however many times it is the responsibility of the executive to determine how these goals should be measured to show value delivered to the organization. This helps an executive consider the right metrics to set for each goal.

looks_oneGather key initiatives or priorities that will be measured

The first step is to understand which goals or priorities that an executive has agreed to for that year that will be measured towards their overall performance in role. A suggestion is that this process should be repeated on an annual basis. This accounts for rapidly changing environments and can serve as a good reset if metrics are not tracking as they were meant to be. Sometimes, these metrics will be clearly defined during the recruiting or onboarding process, either because they are a continuation of the previous executive’s role, or because it is clear what is needed to achieve success for the organization. 


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