Building a Culture of Coaching and Mentoring that Creates a Continuous Learning and Improvement Environment.

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Establishing and managing a sustainable culture of coaching and mentoring is an integrated effort that builds an environment where continuous development and growth take center stage. It provides the organization with evolving individual capabilities that aggregate into organizational assets, with some expanded and others new. When integrated properly, each of those capabilities is naturally linked to the overall direction, objectives, and priorities of the organization.

looks_oneIntegrate coaching and mentoring into HR and business strategies

An initial step to establishing a culture of coaching and mentoring is to link them to specific communications of the company's vision, mission, and values. When articulating the corporate vision and mission statements to stakeholders, it is important to include in the explanation how open and non-judgmental dialogue, honest and constructive feedback, a developmental perspective, etc. fit into and guide interactions and relationships with employees and stakeholders alike. Creating statements related to how coaching and mentoring will enable or support the achievement of specific strategies or goals (e.g., leverage coaching skills to support the creation of a new customer engagement model or rely on mentoring strategy to accelerate the development of high potential diversity candidate's success) should be done wherever appropriate.


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