Leveraging Multiple HR Systems and Sources When Producing Integrated Metrics.

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As manager requests grow in sophistication, an appetite for more complex data will rise.  This will most typically include data from numerous HR processes and systems, starting with the core HR system (HR Information System or HR Management System), and expanding to other HR systems.  

looks_oneUse data from core HR systems in use

The HRIS or HRMS will include personal data (age, home address, EEO/Diversity status), and core HR data (grade, job title, benefits data), and may or may not include Talent Management modules covering:

  • Performance Management (appraisals, goals, ratings, competencies, development plans) 
  • Learning Management (class registration and online delivery)
  • Recruiting (job posting and application)
  • Compensation (pay levels, grade, job title, raises, grade promotions)
  • Career Movement (transfers, promotions)
  • Compensation (job title, grade, base pay, compa-ratio, bonus opportunity, annual increases, bonuses paid)
  • Benefits administration (for benefits selections, employee/family coverage levels, plan utilization rates, volumes, and types of claims, etc.)

looks_twoUse data from other HR systems


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