Establishing Consistent and On-demand KPIs for Tracking and Use Across the Enterprise.

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Central to this level is the development of "master" reports with filtering and sorting capabilities so all audiences in a certain group see the same analyses determined to be "Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)" for the business, on an as-needed basis.  

looks_oneConsult with functional leaders

Conducting focus groups is a good way to sort and rate all key metrics in terms of criticality to the business. Those with the highest ratings of Importance vs. Impact on the business become labeled as KPIs. Focus groups with Executives help assure that business/operational priorities are reflected downward throughout the organization while adding metrics crucial for key groups or functions.  Validation of the list of metrics to be used with top leaders both confirms and gains buy-in/agreement that those identified as KPIs align with corporate and functional strategies. 

looks_twoPrioritize KPIs in report presentation


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