Creating a Dedicated, Cross-functional Analytics Team to "Own", Manage and Evolve HR Analytics Capabilities.

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Building robust, reliable, and best-in-class HR Metrics & Reporting capabilities requires the right talent with the right skills.  Finding an HR staff member(s) with all of the necessary skills to truly evolve and effectively manage the range of reporting at this level can be a reach, even in the largest organizations. While there are numerous ways to achieve this, several steps can lead to having the right people working and growing such an organizational capability. 

looks_oneAssess HR Metrics & Reporting team skill needs

At a minimum, Emerging HR Metrics & Reporting requires expertise in reporting, databases, HRIS/related systems, and statistical analysis.  However, a robust and complete metrics and reporting team requires other skills and thus may require finding people with broader experience or expertise in the methods, techniques, and technologies involved with:

  • Information technology
  • Database design
  • Data modeling/simulation
  • Data science
  • Data visualization and presentation
  • Design thinking
  • User interface and experience

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