Defining the Performance Process for Structured and Reliable Evaluation Cycles.

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Creating a standardized process is the start of developing a performance evaluation cycle that is fair and equitable for all employees. This is because the same standards, timeframe, steps, and range of potential outcomes will be used for each employee across roles. While the performance criteria may differ by role and level, the requirements for assessment will be equivalent, and the outcome more reliable, trustworthy, and credible from an employee’s perspective.

looks_oneDefine eligibility

In designing the performance evaluation process, it is important to define who will be covered by the process. While it varies by company, eligibility is typically assigned to employees who have worked a relevant part of the performance year – between three and twelve (3-12) months – meaning that new hires who join less than three months before the performance year ends could be excluded from that year’s assessment.  In addition, employees who have gone out on a formal leave of absence for longer than three months may be assessed only on the portion of the year that they were actively working.  


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