Developing plans

Workforce Planning

Assessing workforce supply and demand, identifying gaps, and creating talent management solutions needed to fill those gaps as a company's strategy and the talent marketplace evolve.

Core Workforce Planning Practices to Identify Near-term Headcount Needs.

Workforce Planning is a process that identifies the current level of employee headcount, assesses future needs, and generates an employee replacement analysis... more »

Advanced Workforce Planning Practices that Provide Dynamic and Targeted Supply and Demand Insights.

Advanced workforce planning practices make projections of employee supply and demand at a role level, creating a more refined view of talent needs and availability... more »

Emerging Workforce Planning Practices that Drive Broader Skills-based and Future-focused Staffing Projections.

Workforce planning that focuses on the future with a refined level of detail, moving the analysis from roles and critical segments to specific organizational capabilities... more »

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