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Evaluating and Selecting an HR Service Delivery Model that Optimizes Short and Longer-term Impact.

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Before determining how to structure an HR team, a set of considerations should be reviewed regarding the "operating or service delivery model" to be implemented. The model is conceptual and illustrates the types of roles/organizational concepts and how they interact with both the organization and each other. This continues to be primarily based on the work of Dave Ulrich , who proposed the key roles in HR teams - Strategic Partner, Administrative Expert, Employee Champion, and Change Agent. From those, three primary types of delivery elements are derived - the "Business Partner" (HRBP, or strategic coach and solution identifier), the "Center of Excellence" (COE or teams with deep expertise in a given HR capability), and "Shared Services" (HRSS or team(s) delivering HR process administration). In addition, each of these delivery elements has the option of either a centralized, decentralized, or hybrid approach , to best meet both common and unique needs of the various businesses and locations. 

Determining the delivery model  is based on decisions regarding a series of factors that drive the design of an HR organizational structure. 


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