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Using Technology to Deliver Streamlined HR Services and Insights.

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HR Technology has advanced to a level where it is currently capable of offering scalable productivity gains in processing HR transactions, with emerging technologies capable of recognizing trends and recommending solutions to those issues. What is certain and reliable in the current and near-term environment, however, is the ability to automate processes such that human interaction is limited to the use of judgment in the decision processes. An HR technology strategy is a key element of the HR strategic plan, with improvements and additions called out for increased efficiencies and enhanced user experiences. 

The strategy should take into consideration three key types of HR systems:

  1. Core: HR Information systems, payroll, benefits, time and attendance, centralized database, etc.

  2. Process-specific: Talent Management System, applicant tracking, learning management, compensation, performance management, succession planning, recognition, knowledge management.

  3. Advanced or specialized: Candidate relationship management, candidate assessment, skills ontology, talent marketplace, employee listening/engagement, network analysis, workforce planning, etc. 

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