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Creating an Employee Experience that Bonds High Performers to the Organization.

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The employee experience constitutes the entire journey an employee takes with the organization. This includes everything from pre-hire to post-exit interactions and everything in between. It includes how employees perform their duties, interact with the company through its processes and systems, how they are treated and managed to maximize engagement, and how they perceive the meaningfulness of their employment with the company. The focus is intentionally broad - but the approaches used to secure employee preferences and target the key experiences in need of addressing are disciplined and well-defined.

looks_oneLeverage "design thinking" to understand employee needs and key opportunities to improve the “experience”

Design thinking  applied to HR engages employees and managers in designing HR products and services by gaining an understanding of what elements of the work and working life define a meaningful and differentiating experience for the employees. This can be conducted using surveys and focus groups, where employees are presented with lists of typical actions or transactions and asked to rank them in terms of importance to them and the difficulties or challenges experienced when participating in those. Typical examples include new hire orientation/onboarding, annual benefits re-enrollment, the annual performance evaluation process, applying for a promotion or transfer, trying to locate instructional information on a work process, etc.


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