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Partnering with External Stakeholders to Build Internal Success Stories.

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As a company does not exist in a vacuum, it should not only recognize but actively participate in the larger communities to which it belongs or is involved. By engaging proactively with external stakeholders, partners, and communities, it can create additional internal benefits that it would not enjoy on its own. These outside entities can provide valuable support to the mission of the organization while providing important public relations and awareness related to both the internal values and external marketing of the organization. 

looks_oneEngage with the local community 

Developing a relationship with local organizations and agencies can feed the company's brand and build goodwill amongst the communities where the company’s employees work and live. It can serve two primary purposes - one is to create a positive brand presence in the local recruitment (and business) markets, and the second is to serve as a point of pride and broader purpose with employees who increasingly want the organization to make a difference in the world. As such, efforts to support both governmental and non-governmental community welfare and wellness organizations with resources (e.g., donations, volunteers, etc.) can serve to deepen the bond with employees while building and/or supporting a brand as an "employer of choice" in the local recruitment and marketing areas.


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