Identifying Talent Gaps in Replacement Candidate Availability or Readiness.

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Once succession candidates are selected and approved, it is possible to review what is referred to as “bench strength” in its entirety. Bench strength refers to the depth (replacements per position) and breadth (number of unique successor candidates of the successors across all positions). Gaps will typically be noticed in either depth (a lack of successors for a given position or a few successors named under multiple positions) or breadth (a lack of unique candidates who will be ready by the time a position is expected to become vacant).

looks_oneAssess where no replacement is in-house or available

The first place to review for talent gaps is where no successor is connected to one or more positions. This may or may not cause immediate concern based on the expected future tenure of the incumbent but raises the issue of replacements should that individual experience a life change (e.g., family relocation), career opportunity (voluntary termination), or a sudden drop in performance or motivation (involuntary termination).


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