Leveraging AI Technology for Automated Identification and Planning for More Equitably Developed Succession Pools.

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Newer succession management technology brings the promise of more simplified and objective decision making using integrated datasets and/or artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Numerous capabilities that are available today show the potential for better and fairer identification of succession candidates, more accurate skill and competency assessments, and career development and pathing recommendations.  Such systems primarily match employee data to job requirements, recognize gaps between current skillsets and desired roles, and make recommendations for future jobs and associated development and career paths.

looks_oneIdentify and procure available technology

Numerous vendors currently offer succession management capabilities that can be used for career development and succession simultaneously, while others offer succession as a module within an integrated talent management system (TMS) or a broader HR information system (HRIS). Thus, these may also include other capabilities such as performance management, learning, recruiting, etc. The major HR Information or Management Systems vendors (Oracle, SAP/SuccessFactors, Workday) and many Talent Management Systems providers (CornerstoneOnDemand, SumTotal, PageUp, Saba) offer this capability.


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