Assessing the Existing Team to Determine Strengths and Gaps Associated with Key Priorities.

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Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of an executive’s team is paramount for understanding how they are going to accomplish key priorities that they have set forth for themselves and the organization. This allows executives to assess where they can lean into their team’s strengths, and where the team has gaps that need to be addressed. Without a strong team in place who can share the load of responsibilities, an executive is crippled by the lack of support to achieve results.

looks_oneOrganize and rank each team member’s overall performance

As a first step, an executive needs to identify any direct reports on their team. This should include members of the executive’s team that report directly to them, as well as any administrative support. Sometimes there’s a case to be made to pull in a couple of people who are one level removed (for instance if there is a strong VP or someone looking for a stretch role). The executive can also place these names in the team assessment template. 


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