Creating a Personal Board of Directors to Serve as Mentors for Ongoing Support and Direction.

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How it works

As an executive progresses through their career, it becomes more important to maintain a personal board of directors. These individuals help keep an executive up to date with the latest in trends, support the executive’s career development, and provide a sounding board for ideas or issues that an executive may be struggling with.

It's important to note that a personal board of directors does not operate like a true board of directors. An executive’s personal board will be made up of mentors who offer individual advice to help the executive achieve their desired goals. The mentors do not need to know one another, nor will they likely ever come together on behalf of the executive (unless there are multiple mentors from the same organization). This will help an executive identify and select a personal board to fit their unique needs. 

looks_oneDetermine the executive’s goals and requirements for a personal board


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