The Personal Board of Directors Tool: Identify Appropriate Mentors to Support an Executive's Transition and Career Success.

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A template that supports identifying the key qualities a potential mentor provides for an executive. The view across individuals allows an executive to refine all potential mentors down to a smaller group that still meets all of the qualities that they are looking for through a smaller sounding board. They will also have an opportunity to identify any unique or specific areas for each individual that may not be listed as a pre-identified quality, but that could serve the executive well in their progression.

How to use this tool

The first step is filling in the Mentor Name for all pre-identified potential mentors to serve on an executive’s personal board. Additional columns can be added or deleted to ensure that the proper amount is visible for each executive’s mentor list. Next, the executive should fill in the Qualities rows with each of the pre-identified qualities that they have flagged as critical to supporting their career progress. Additional rows can be added or deleted to ensure that the proper amount is visible. 


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