Identifying Critical Audiences and Tailoring Metrics and Reporting to their Unique Needs.

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Critical audiences typically include management from different levels and functions. Interviewing them to receive guidance on their key questions is invaluable to tailoring metrics and reporting.

looks_oneSelect target audiences for HR metrics and reports

Through discussions with leadership, the HR function can identify which levels and functions of managers are most critical to the success of the organization. However, using the results of a Critical Workforce Segmentation  strategy can simplify this selection.  By leveraging the inputs of those most critical to the success of the organization, a more decisive starting point for tailoring metrics reveals itself.  When lacking an existing segmentation strategy, this point can be found by choosing a cross-section of managers by level (i.e., supervisor, manager, senior manager, director, executive) and function (e.g., sales, operations, manufacturing, engineering, R&D, finance, etc.). Having multiple people from each group and level will provide a broader base of feedback and guidance.  


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