Rating Employee Performance and Competencies Fairly and Equitably.

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The core aspect of performance management involves the assessment of individual task execution and contributions, and as such requires the creation of criteria, standards, and a process against and for which employee evaluations will be conducted. These steps are critical to the building of a fair and equitable method across individuals being rated and managers generating the ratings.  Objectivity is enhanced with the use of multiple elements beyond just basic task completion, and evaluation scales are developed with a balance between assessing past performance while motivating future performance. 

looks_oneIdentify the criteria for assessment

Each employee must be assessed on the same type of criteria – those formally associated with the specific role, department, function, division, and company. In all cases, employees should be evaluated on the quality of their performance against the duties and responsibilities listed on the job description for the role they occupy. Often, employees are assessed on their performance first relative to those stated requirements, and then again in relationship to their peers in the same role and level. As some employees will exceed the performance of all others on one or more of the duties or responsibilities, those will receive a higher evaluation than others.


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