Accessing Actionable HR Practices

Accessing Actionable HR Practices

Carlos Larracilla Carlos Larracilla
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HR leaders and their teams are facing extremely complex and changing times resulting from the effects of the pandemic, “great resignation”, “quiet quitting”, and other socioeconomic factors. All combine to exacerbate engagement and retention issues requiring companies to prioritize a people-first culture and attend to the overall well-being needs of employees. It demands ever more effective HR programs enabled by actionable HR practices and processes at a time when it is also imperative to conserve resources to minimize the impact of worsening stagflation and avoid layoffs.

More than ever before, there is a critical need for practical, proven, and better, yet cost-effective ways to advance people programs that can make a significant positive impact on the employee experience to allow organizations to increase the attraction, retention, and engagement of their best talent. What's needed is access to HR guidance that is actionable.

Nonetheless, accessing these types of practices remains at times elusive. Often, searching for information about leading and actionable HR practices is time-consuming and frustrating. There is little practical information available and many sources focus only on broad areas or simple lists with recommendations. These resources are not comprehensive of all the key talent and organizational-related topics and do not address how to implement a program end-to-end. This includes AI tools recently coming into the market that, given their nature, produce information that is not necessarily tested or based on real-world experience.

When looking for direction about how to approach the design or redesign of an HR capability, where should an HR professional go for reliable, credible, and useful guidance on establishing new or upgrading existing HR practices, processes, and programs?

The usual suspects

Books, articles, websites, and other resources that offer insights into leading practices steer readers towards what is possible but only represent a single concept or source of information in a series of great ideas. They oftentimes lack insights into the specific steps to take when designing a process or program that fits the existing or desired culture, the company’s current state of process sophistication, and its readiness or ability to accept certain improvements.

Advice about leading HR practices is not enough, it has to be actionable, and it needs to be known to work in different corporate settings. The issue comes down to what is often missing – the details and steps to be taken that are typically brought into the design by outside consultants and field experts.  

Other alternatives to access real lessons learned are forums or channels where professionals can ask a question and get a recommendation from other HR professionals. It is a great way to connect with a community to get opinions, only it has limitations. Questions often go unanswered and when responses are provided do not always give enough information to be able to define what to do. In other cases, examples are provided without an explanation of how to design, implement, and operate a particular initiative, or answers may not represent the most realistic or successful solutions available.

Real-world actionable guidance

What is needed is a resource that does the heavy lifting for the busy HR practitioner – reviewing and curating what is most significant from the multiple sources and then blending the different concepts and opinions into a cogent set of recommendations based on years of experience that identify what is most needed and valuable.

Wowledge combines maturity considerations along with leading practices at multiple levels of sophistication – what are referred to as “progressions” that guide the user from the most fundamental building blocks to the most cutting-edge and impactful practices. 

Included in each leading practice are crucial elements of the design and development cycle - key questions to ask, critical considerations, tools to guide or inform that thinking, and the steps to take when identifying requirements, selecting elements to add or upgrade, and designing solutions.  

Actionable guidance – how-to direction on building and enhancing effective HR practices - is core to managing the HR function, particularly for small and growing HR teams that are focused on a continuous improvement regimen.

Wowledge fulfills the need for an “HR Processes Recipe Book” platform, where HR professionals can find the ingredients and steps for all the key programs and practices they need. It is a reference to go back to when needed, and detailed enough to understand how to implement any initiative.

Enter Wowledge

Wowledge is the on-demand expertise partner for HR Pioneers who are building and advancing strategic people programs where they can access up-to-date topic packages comprised of level-specific actionable practices, step-by-step guides, tools, templates, and insights to accelerate the implementation of all their key HR programs.

It represents a modern, all-in-one source for HR professionals to learn from seasoned experts and access actionable best practices for every stage of their organizations. Purpose-built for small, midsize, and growing HR teams, Wowledge delivers the expertise needed to evaluate, build, and advance effective HR programs. Level-based topic packages progress from core to advanced to emerging practices. These guides provide the necessary know-how to implement programs that can transform all HR processes.

Wowledge combines the expertise of a big HR consultancy with the agility of an on-demand service to offer a new way for HR professionals to obtain the necessary know-how and implement effective people programs needed to produce exceptional employee experiences. Wowledge’s curated content comes from its network of seasoned HR experts with backgrounds in management consulting and corporate HR leadership. Expert progression-based topic guides and best practices are continuously updated through its collaborative platform, equipping HR professionals with the know-how to advance their people programs. Anytime. Anywhere.

We are on a joint mission with you, the HR Pioneer, to make a difference in nurturing an engaged diverse workforce.

Join the movement! Learn more.

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