An All-in-One Source for HR Teams

An All-in-One Source for HR Teams

Carlos Larracilla Carlos Larracilla
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HR teams are constantly at the center of opposing pressures. On one hand, they recognize the critical importance of improving people programs to enhance the employee experience and retain their best talent. On the other, they also need to focus on conserving resources to minimize the impact of unstable economic conditions or in general optimize profitability for their companies. All this demands them to be agile and nimble, continuously evaluating HR best practices to be implemented without spending countless hours researching across the web, online forums, or through HR capability academies. What is needed is an all-in-one source for HR teams, representing a trusted knowledge hub with expertise that is based upon decades of experience resolving HR issues across myriads of industries, company sizes, and organization types.

We have seen these opposing pressures rising even more dramatically over the last few years. With all the rapidly changing and emerging influences roiling the business world and labor markets – talent shortages, quiet quitting, high turnover, inflation, pandemic surges, remote work, generational preference shifts, and other socioeconomic factors, the HR function has become increasingly challenging to manage.

With so many unprecedented issues with unclear solution sets, where do HR teams go for ideas and proven concepts that can impact a company’s ability to not only survive these conditions but thrive in their midst? 

An all-in-one source for HR that could bring together expert-developed actionable best practices, guides, tools, templates, insights, lessons learned, and even recommended products and service providers operating in the market, as well as curated external resources with the best documents and articles available online, would be utopian. Although that’s exactly what is required to accelerate the build, implementation, and improvement of modern people programs while reducing time and spend on expensive outside help.

A one-stop-destination

Wowledge is a unique platform that provides guidance and insights into a full range of leading HR practices that are attuned to where each company is and the level of sophistication that it is ready to adopt. It is an all-in-one source for HR teams with everything needed to quickly launch HR best practices and processes, including hands-on tools, templates, questionnaires, frameworks, and step-by-step guides developed and curated by seasoned HR experts.

It offers coverage of the critical elements of HR including all of the talent management processes, organization design, HR metrics and reporting, workforce planning, change management, and many more. And new topics are being added regularly to provide insights into strategic and operational concerns. It also provides specialized insights and methods that are core to building an impactful HR response to the variables that HR teams face.  

The progressive step-by-step guides provide guidance into the “how to” of advancing HR processes, practices and programs to achieve greater business and talent outcomes. Each of these with associated tools and templates that can be downloaded and leveraged to build strategies and practices. 

Content is continuously updated to reflect best practices across HR from experts with deep and broad HR consulting and leadership experience across hundreds of leading companies in the U.S. and abroad – from technology, financial services, healthcare, consumer products, travel and leisure, government, automotive, energy, professional services, and more.

Resources at your fingertips

Included in the practice guides are “lessons learned” – how to avoid the design and implementation potholes and setbacks that our experts and members have experienced when developing and rolling out each practice at various levels of sophistication across companies and industries. These are especially helpful for use when planning out projects, and often involve how to engage sponsors and end-users, for reference.

The platform also provides recommendations for product and service providers (PSPs) in each practice and level of sophistication for members’ review and consideration. These range from resources, technology providers, training vendors, etc. that are immediately relevant for use in implementation planning. And Wowledge’s collaborative platform enables those members to both voice their support for, or recommend additional providers with which they have had success. 

Wowledge becomes an all-in-one source for HR as an expertise hub to access the know-how, insights, and tools to develop new or improve modern people programs.

Enter Wowledge

Wowledge is the on-demand expertise partner for HR Pioneers who are building and advancing strategic people programs where they can access up-to-date topic packages comprised of level-specific actionable practices, step-by-step guides, tools, templates, and insights to accelerate the implementation of all their key HR programs.

It represents a modern, all-in-one source for HR professionals to learn from seasoned experts and access actionable best practices for every stage of their organizations. Purpose-built for small, midsize, and growing HR teams, Wowledge delivers the expertise needed to evaluate, build, and advance effective HR programs. Level-based topic packages progress from core to advanced to emerging practices. These guides provide the necessary know-how to implement programs that can transform all HR processes.

Wowledge combines the expertise of a big HR consultancy with the agility of an on-demand service to offer a new way for HR professionals to obtain the necessary know-how and implement effective people programs needed to produce exceptional employee experiences. Wowledge’s curated content comes from its network of seasoned HR experts with backgrounds in management consulting and corporate HR leadership. Expert progression-based topic guides and best practices are continuously updated through its collaborative platform, equipping HR professionals with the know-how to advance their people programs. Anytime. Anywhere.

We are on a joint mission with you, the HR Pioneer, to make a difference in nurturing an engaged diverse workforce.

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