Collaborative HR Expertise for Up-to-Date Practices and Insights

Collaborative HR Expertise for Up-to-Date Practices and Insights

Carlos Larracilla Carlos Larracilla
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The world, markets, and workplace are constantly evolving requiring companies to continuously adapt their business and organizational practices. Approaches that were effective one year might be nearly obsolete in the following. Organizations are also at different stages of sophistication and what works for one type of company might not work for another. This is especially critical when considering the practices that will impact every company’s most important driver of value: its people. Such changing and diversified conditions demand access to collaborative HR expertise offering practices and insights that are continuously updated and based on multiple experiences.

To a certain extent, this is a model mastered by the top management consulting firms with the critical mass to enable them to gather diverse experiences from implementing dozens of projects in each area for different types of companies. Only it has limitations. It is cost-prohibiting for most companies to engage these consulting firms in supporting the build or enhancement of every people program in their organizations. In addition, oftentimes these consultants don’t get to experience the full cycle going from inception to day-to-day operation of the practices they recommend or have not been HR practitioners on the field, yielding approaches that are not always the most practical.

What’s needed is a collaborative approach to integrating up-to-date practices and multiple perspectives that are proven in the real world, leveraging technology to bring together experts with both consulting and field experience in HR but also from other HR professionals, business leaders, academics, specialists, and a community who can share their thinking, experiences, and lessons learned.

Modern people programs

Before the pandemic, it was unthinkable for organizations to enable remote work at any significant scale. That notion belonged to the “Future of Work” narrative but seemed unrealistic and unreasonable at the time. Until it wasn’t. Then, other conditions progressed from that environment as well as from emerging social, economic, and political complexities. The “Big Resignation”, “Quiet Quitting”, and more recently the “Loud Layoffs” are demanding companies to adapt fast and deal with increased uncertainty. What lies ahead? Definitely more change.

These ever-changing circumstances demand organizations to not only consider best practices but also the latest. Especially if they are enhanced through lessons learned as conditions evolve. Companies need access to the know-how required for building and advancing modern people programs supported by continuously updated practices, insights, and experiences from the field. It is nearly impossible for a single expert in an area to remain up-to-date at all times. Hence the need for diverse experts in multiple fields to collaborate, joining forces with those practicing and implementing these programs. Together, generating collaborative HR expertise that evolves based on changes in the environment, society, innovation, and technologies, as well as from new ways of working, methodologies, and tools.

A collaborative approach

Wowledge is a collaborative knowledge platform driven by experts and a community of HR Pioneers who can share their thinking, experiences, and reactions to best practices. It is built on deep collaborative HR expertise from specialists who continuously research, develop, monitor, and curate progressive practice guides to establish and enhance leading HR practices, programs, and processes. 

Those progressive practice guides are augmented by community members’ insights into lessons learned, key process integrations, and product and service providers that helped them build their own solutions. These pioneers can share how they broke through barriers and brought more effective talent and people processes to bear on the challenges that many in HR face. 

The goal is to provide collaborative HR expertise with leading practice insights supported by the experiences of an entire community of HR professionals that impact both talent and business outcomes. This way practices and insights are continuously updated by not only community inputs but by expert partners with years of leading-edge design and implementation experience. By taking questions and comments from community members along with observations of industry trends, guides are regularly supplemented to reflect the latest best practices at all levels of maturity.

Those guides are designed to meet each company “where they are” in terms of sophistication and organizational readiness to move to more advanced practices. With continuously updated best practices straight from the experts and community of experienced HR pioneers alike, the available guidance will continue to grow along with each member’s needs and aspirations.

Enter Wowledge

Wowledge is the on-demand expertise partner for HR Pioneers who are building and advancing strategic people programs where they can access up-to-date topic packages comprised of level-specific actionable practices, step-by-step guides, tools, templates, and insights to accelerate the implementation of all their key HR programs.

It represents a modern, all-in-one source for HR professionals to learn from seasoned experts and access actionable best practices for every stage of their organizations. Purpose-built for small, midsize, and growing HR teams, Wowledge delivers the expertise needed to evaluate, build, and advance effective HR programs. Level-based topic packages progress from core to advanced to emerging practices. These guides provide the necessary know-how to implement programs that can transform all HR processes.

Wowledge combines the expertise of a big HR consultancy with the agility of an on-demand service to offer a new way for HR professionals to obtain the necessary know-how and implement effective people programs needed to produce exceptional employee experiences. Wowledge’s curated content comes from its network of seasoned HR experts with backgrounds in management consulting and corporate HR leadership. Expert progression-based topic guides and best practices are continuously updated through its collaborative platform, equipping HR professionals with the know-how to advance their people programs. Anytime. Anywhere.

At Wowledge, we are on a mission...

"To make strategic HR programs and practices accessible to any organization, regardless of size, stage, or sophistication level.”

We deliver on this promise by:

1.  Leveraging technology to create an intelligent STRATEGIC HR ROADMAP tool so you can quickly identify where to focus your efforts and select the right initiatives to solve your most pressing HR challenges.

2.  Developing a SCALABLE SYSTEM OF BEST PRACTICES to equip your team and meet you where you are to progress according to your growing aspirations.

3.  Bringing together the collective experiences of a seasoned COMMUNITY OF EXPERTS to ensure recommended practices are actionable, proven, and always up to date.

4.  Providing AFFORDABLE YEAR-ROUND ACCESS through inclusive subscription options to support your organization's changing needs and priorities.

Join the movement!

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