Defining Learning Requirements to Clarify Purpose and Desired Outcomes.

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Building a learning and development capability requires an understanding of the organization’s direction and strategies, how they translate into learning requirements, and current and near-future learning needs at the functional (e.g., operations, sales, etc.) employee level.  These needs are discovered through a process of strategic document review, interviews, focus groups, and direct managerial requests.  Through this process, insights are compiled and translated into a learning needs assessment which becomes the basis for a list of courses to be offered. 

looks_oneReview strategic business, HR, and/or talent management plans 

A copy of the strategic business plan should be reviewed for insights into any growth plans, new product or service introductions, or changes in previous market direction.  Growth plans might involve expansion into new markets (e.g., countries, rural vs. city, services or products) that require new skills (e.g., language), knowledge (e.g., regulations), competencies (e.g., local customs, preferences), or simply the ability to manage higher volumes (scaling existing services or products). Any of these represent a potential need for learning and development programs.  


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