The Business Needs-To-Learning Requirements Conversion Tool: Define Learning Objectives for Learning and Development Programs.

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A template to assist with the creation of business-aligned learning programs by taking business or HR/talent objectives and converting them into learning requirements or objectives that are then used to guide the development of learning and development programs. The tool provides the user with a single document that captures all significant business (and HR/talent) strategies and the resulting statements of learning requirements (i.e., course objectives). It clarifies the linkages between course and program offerings and business requirements, communicating how the learning and development function will support the business in meeting its strategies and initiatives. It is especially valuable when prepared annually as part of the strategic planning process for the Human Resources function.

How to use this tool

Key strategic business goals and objectives are obtained from the company strategic plan or interviews with top executives. In a subsequent group session, HR and/or Learning experts brainstorm the entries to each column, left to right, to generate learning objectives for each strategic objective. 

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