Identifying the Approach for Developing and Delivering Learning Content.

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In order to identify the approach for content development and delivery, it is necessary to assess the delivery model, identify who (internal or external) is going to perform the development and delivery work, as well as establish how the vendor (if outsourced) will be selected.  A core Learning & Development function may lack sufficient resources for the design and delivery of a new learning program, and thus, will need to locate qualified resources. Determining this involves an assessment of internal resources, expertise, tools, and readiness to develop and deliver the content. 

looks_oneDetermine whether an instructor-led or an eLearning delivery model best suits the identified learning objectives and business context

Once learning objectives have been identified, it is possible to determine the type of delivery mode that will best suit the material. Whether an instructor-led or digitally delivered mode is best suited for the program will help drive decisions about developing the material internally rather than externally. In-house eLearning development capabilities are often not available in small to medium-sized businesses. 


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