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Engaging Leadership in Defining and Governing an HR Strategy.

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Top Leadership buy-in and alignment with HR strategies is a core element of quality HR strategic planning. While there are numerous ways to achieve such ongoing support, the notion of engaging leadership in developing and monitoring HR strategies helps garner the needed funding/budgets for various efforts, technical or resource assistance as the efforts are undertaken, and ultimately, the likelihood of "championing" the resulting efforts with their own subordinate managers and employees.

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Top and functional leaders can be invited to sessions to provide input, projections, and global perspectives to HR strategic planning efforts. Such a session(s) involves the participation of functional HR leaders and experts alongside business leaders. These typically involve a group review of objectives from the strategic business plan, inputs from interviews and focus groups, and assessments of potential external and internal trends and pressures on the strategy. Those insights can then be used to identify HR plans and goals designed to influence the meeting of business goals.


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