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Leveraging Workforce Planning and Analysis to Assess the Current State of Key Employee Segments.

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How it works

In its most basic form, a workforce planning effort builds an estimate of future headcount supply and demand for roles in the organization, with a subsequent gap analysis that yields insights that inform advance planning for recruitment, development, retention, and outsourcing of those projected needs. Similarly, workforce analysis is the ongoing measurement of employee demographic and talent management trends in a way that provides insights into the state of employee resource management. Those insights can in turn reveal the extent to which job candidates are responding to the company's employee value proposition, and that employees are responding to the company's efforts to motivate, develop, retain, and otherwise engage them in the long-term prospects that the company offers.

The further use of a workforce segmentation analysis can simplify the volume of roles and data required to develop an advanced HR Strategy by focusing more detailed plans on the roles most critical to the success of the organization.

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