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The Talent Gap Analysis Goal ID Tool: Capture Critical Role Staffing Challenges and “6Bs” Strategic Talent Management Responses.

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This tool incorporates the multi-source staffing strategy outlined by Dave Ulrich and others that references the “Buy, Build, Borrow, Bind, Bot, and Bounce” options for proactively filling, retaining, and managing critical skill workers as available resources within the organization. It emphasizes the need to leverage multiple avenues to fulfill labor requirements and thus meet business objectives. 

How to use this tool

Leveraging a team of HR experts, this tool is used to guide brainstorming and decision-making regarding how specified staffing goals and challenges should be addressed with six primary methods of sourcing people or technology to perform necessary work. To do so, the team is presented with each identified, critical role challenge or environmental factor, and one by one, potential solutions to those are generated by brainstorming HR objectives through the lens of each of the “Six (6) Bs”. Once those possibilities are generated, one or more specific HR goals are developed for each objective.  


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