Emerging Recruiting Strategy and Sourcing Practices to Streamline Talent Discovery.

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This guide is part of a progression set comprised of Core, Advanced, and Emerging Recruiting Strategy and Sourcing practices.

What it is

Exponential technologies such as Artificial intelligence (AI) continue to evolve in their application across functions and industries to solve complex problems and automate a wider range of activities. In the same way, new and more agile ways of working emerge by disrupting existing practices to leverage ever-expanding ecosystems of people and businesses. All of this is quickly being applied in the recruiting space due to its criticality to the business. 

For growing organizations, it is fundamental to take advantage of these types of technologies and expand their reach by building or accessing recruiting networks that can provide a continuous flow of qualified candidates to maintain business continuity and fuel growth plans.

Why use it

As remote and hybrid work gain hold due to societal changes and propelled by technology, the war for talent is becoming more intense with lower switching barriers for workers to move into their next best job. The use of advanced technologies and more agile ways of accessing talent are becoming table stakes for companies. They are also producing enormous efficiencies for recruiting teams.

Some organizations are experiencing significant improvements in their recruiting process, such as cutting sourcing costs in half and doubling their sourcing quality and recruiter productivity, resulting in hiring increases that match their growth ambitions. Another angle being aided through the use of new technologies is enhancing the diversity of hires. For example, software applications with AI diversity recruiting features are enabling companies to automate their sourcing, screening, and interviewing processes, helping those involved in recruiting to remove unconscious bias during the full recruiting cycle.

Practice guides at this level

Deploying AI talent sourcing technologies to augment reach and accelerate matching.

Evaluating and utilizing AI systems to significantly improve the effectiveness of any and all stages of the recruiting process from deeper candidate pools to predictive performance and workforce planning.

Accessing full talent marketplace ecosystems to increase engagement and career growth.

Talent marketplaces match individuals to diverse types of job-related opportunities and can be deployed internally or extended to encompass other groups outside the organization to tap into the larger talent ecosystem.

Forming agile collaborative recruiting networks and programs.

Agile principles applied to form and operate collaborative recruiting networks through ambassadors representing wide and diverse talent pools.

Developing intelligent recruiting strategies using data analytics.

Data analytics is fundamental to optimizing the quality, speed, cost, and consistency of the recruiting process as well as enhancing the candidate experience.

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