Employing Advanced Stakeholder Engagement Techniques to Reinforce the Criticality of the Targeted Change.

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When done effectively, stakeholder engagement creates trust with the initiative team, generates honest dialogue to build support for the changes, and reduces the potential for conflict. For initiatives that impact a large audience or require a high degree of change, it is crucial to engage leadership and influential stakeholders to ensure that information is shared and the initiative is seen as a priority by impacted audiences.

looks_oneAlign and engage leaders

Leaders often have competing priorities and limited resources. There are also usually varying degrees of commitment to the change initiative. It is critical to align leaders on the common goal and importance of the change initiative so that they can demonstrate their commitment to the initiative’s success to their organization. When leaders are aligned on the initiative’s objectives and how they will be achieved, they can be the driving force to help remove roadblocks, provide the necessary resources, and spread key information within the organization.  


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