Evaluating Stakeholders to Understand Supporters and Blockers for Critical Initiatives.

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It’s well known that no matter how effective an executive is at their job, if they don’t have the support of other stakeholders, they will be limited from the start. Understanding the landscape of critical stakeholders and building those relationships is paramount to an executive’s success in achieving priorities. This helps identify relevant stakeholders, assess their support, and identify actions to build a better relationship if necessary.

looks_oneIdentify and rank each stakeholder based on the strength of the relationship

The first step that an executive should take is identifying critical stakeholders for their role and organization. These will likely include some combination of the following:

  • Internal clients who help set the executive’s key priorities.
  • Direct superiors in the organization structure who have input and expectations for an executive’s priorities.
  • Indirect superiors in the organization structure who might have a strong opinion or voice regarding an executive’s priorities.
  • The board of directors who have voting power over critical business needs and priorities.

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